About Norsed

At NORSED Driving School we offer professional driving instruction in Classes 1, 2, 3 and Air Brake Courses. We are a local driving school, founded on a passion for excellence in driving. We take a down-to-earth approach to sharing and knowledge and best practices. We go the extra mile to make it convenience for our students to gain the knowledge and to get the practice they need to develop superior driving habits.

NORSED Driving School was founded by Des and Ron Stocking. We are both professional Class 1 drivers, and are passionate about all kinds of driving; from driving your personal vehicle to heading across the country in a tractor trailer. As NORSED’s founders, we have sought that passion in all our instructors, and we seek to pass that passion along to every student, whether a brand new driver, or a seasoned driver looking to upgrade their licence.


I’m a driver, a driver of many things…cars, trucks, big trucks, business, laughter and Ron!

As a Class 1 driver and an Air Brake Instructor, I can answer most any question you may have. I have walked the walk and I can talk the talk.

I also have an extensive background in administration and accounting and look after all the registrations and scheduling, etc.


I’ve been driving for almost 40 years; over 30 years as a professional driver. I am passionate about driving; whether in my car or in my truck.

Over the years I have shared my knowledge and have taught many people to drive, both cars and trucks, including my wife Des (if I can teach her, I can teach anyone!)” LOL

Our Vehicles

Tractor trailers
72 passenger bus